The thought of an extraction can be daunting for many. However, our caring staff at Leumeah Dental Surgery will ensure that you are taken care of during and after the extraction.

What is an Extraction?

An extraction is the removal of a tooth that may have excessive tooth decay, infection, crowding in the mouth, or may clinically be deemed unfunctional. This process is normally done under general anesthetic. In a complex case (e.g., the roots are too close to the nerves or a sinus, hooked roots etc.), the extraction needs to be done by a specialist oral surgeon. However, the very first step is to get an X-Ray with a general dentist of the causing tooth for a preliminary assessment.

Possible Symptoms indicating a need for Extraction

Generally, excruciating pain is a sign of something wrong with the tooth! If the pain is due to the excessive tooth decay and is beyond repairable, then the tooth may need to be extracted. Sometimes a damaged or chipped tooth may need to be extracted as well.

In other scenarios, extraction may be required if you have crowded teeth. If you have pain/problems with a wisdom tooth, then it may be recommended to extract the causing wisdom tooth.

Any Alternate treatments?

If your dentist has advised you that you need an extraction, usually that means it is too late to have any other treatments on that tooth. However, extractions are often an alternate for Fillings and Root Canal’s, since in some cases it may be cheaper.

What you need to know

How long the appointment takes?

An extraction appointment time varies depending on how long it takes for the anaesthesia to start to do its job after the extraction site is numb, its time for our staff at Leumeah Dental Surgery to start their job.

What do you need to prepare before your appointment?

Before your appointment, your dentist may have referred you for an OPG or x-ray. The X-Ray is essential to have with you, as it allows your dentist to analyse the area of interest properly.

What extra care you may need to take after the treatment?

It is crucial to follow the post-extraction care instructions given by our staff at Leumeah Dental Surgery. The main ones are as follows, for at least the first 24-48 hours:

  • Avoid Smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Don’t spit excessively
  • Don’t blow your nose
  • Don’t eat or drink anything hot (you can treat yourself to an Ice-Cream for being so brave)
  • Don’t exert yourself (Watch a nice movie)