Dentures are removable false teeth to replace lost teeth due to tooth decay or injury, amongst other causes. Dentures are created to fit snugly with the wearer’s jaws’ shape and size and sit across the gums to replace the missing teeth and restore function, stability, and aesthetics.

When may you need a Denture?

You may consider getting dentures if you have missing teeth. Depending on how many teeth you have missing and your dentist may suggest either a full mouth denture or a partial denture. The full mouth denature recommended for patients who may have lost all teeth in either the upper jaw or lower jaw or both. If you have few natural teeth left in good condition, then a partial denture might be a better choice.

Any Alternate treatments?

If you are not comfortable with dentures, Dental Implants may be an alternative to restore your missing teeth. Dental Implant, however, requires strong and healthy gums and jawbones for the implantation. The best option is to get in touch with the Dentist and discuss all possible treatment options/plans that are suitable for you.

What you need to know

How may my treatment plan look like?

A few appointments are generally spread out about a week from each other, where the patient can properly see and feel how their denture will look. A usual dental treatment plan looks like this* :

What extra care you may need to take after the treatment?

Initially, dentures may feel very foreign to the mouth and may even cause drooling or excessive salivation. With time, the mouth adjusts to the dentures. Poorly fitted or worn dentures may lead to difficulty eating and speaking and mouth sores. Don’t worry; we will be there to ensure that any of these problems are looked after.