Cancellation Policy

We are a small, family-based & personable business providing quality dental services at affordable price. Our reception is excelled in managing our appointment book optimally so we can provide the best price; However, any cancellation with inadequate notice may not be replaced by another patient easily and represent a cost to us.

Due to our small business size and high demand for appointments, we have the following cancellation policy:

  1. We send you a reminder SMS at least 2 days before your appointment and on the day of appointment as a gentle reminder of your appointment**. If you have any unforeseen circumstances, please advise the staff accordingly. Its easier to book another patient with 48 hours of notice!
  2. We generally do not request you to pre-pay for dental consultations or treatment.
  3. If you cancel an appointment or do not attend, offering less than 48 hours notice:
    1. The first occurrence, we understand that situations can happen, and we will NOT request a cancellation fee.
    2. For second and subsequent appointments, we require an appointment holding fee of $50 which, if you attend, will be taken off your cost of treatment or refunded if the treatment does not cost up to the $50.

** Please bear in mind that if you do not receive an SMS or phone call due to any reason(e.g., telecom provider issue, wrong phone number, phone not answered etc.), your appointment remains your responsibility for you to attend or reschedule with more than 48 hours notice.